Water Chlorination, Disinfection & Water Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning and Chlorination

24/7 EPC is a leading UK water treatment company offering a full range of expert water hygiene services including water tank cleaning and chlorination, drinking water disinfection and cleaning of new and existing domestic hot and cold water systems; water tank cleaning, tank repair, and water tank replacement.

Our cleaning, chlorination, disinfection and water treatment solutions help organisations achieve and maintain good standards of water hygiene, and control levels of waterborne bacteria in their water systems.

Our services are delivered by in-field experts who combine the latest high performance cleaning equipment and water treatment technologies to help clean and disinfect hot and cold domestic water systems, extend asset lifecycles and improve water safety and regulatory compliance.

Expert water chlorination solutions

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Water chlorination & disinfection of new & existing water systems

Our team of highly trained water treatment technicians are expert at performing disinfections of both new and existing water services installations using chlorine in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 806-5:2012, BS 8558:2015 and BS PD 855468:2015. These standards deal with the design, installation, testing, operation, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of drinking water services inside buildings. Previously British Standard BS 6700 dealt with such issues but was withdrawn on 01 August 2012.

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