Leak Detection

Leak Detection Milton Keynes

A leak can develop around the home at any time and the reason it starts can be down to any number of reasons. As experts at leak detection Milton Keynes, 24/7 EPC can quickly trace the source of the water flow and implement a permanent solution.

The 24/7 EPC team are experts at dealing with leaking boilers and any other type of leak around the home. Our leak detection Milton Keynes service is carried out by City & Guilds-accredited engineers, quickly pinpointing the leak in the boiler so you avoid any further damage occurring.

If your boiler is losing pressure it may be a sign you are experiencing a leak. Low pressure in the system requires you to constantly add water to maintain the pressure in the boiler. Even if you cannot physically see any water escaping, the leak may be occurring inside. Water can evaporate due to the heat or the internal heat exchanger could be damaged.

But it’s not just the boiler itself that can develop a leak that needs to be fixed. Your waste pipework can sometimes be susceptible to leaking and our team can take a closer look with the minimum of fuss.

Non Destructive Leak Detection

If you are experiencing a leak with pipework under floors and walls, using our specialist thermal imaging equipment we’ll identify its source and will find a solution that doesn’t involve ripping up floorboards.

We also specialise in the repair of underground insulated piping for hot and cold water distribution around the house. No matter where the leak is located, we can quickly find where it is occurring and apply a long-lasting and cost effective fix.

The 24/7 EPC team can also help with the leak overflows, leaking tanks and leakage issues related to toilets, baths and taps around the home. And should the mains pipework develop a leak, you can rely on us to be stop the flow of water and get things back to normal.

If you suspect you have a leak and want to book an appointment with a EPC engineer, call our friendly team on 01908 477 521, or request a call back and we’ll do the rest.

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