Boiler Repair Milton Keynes

Boiler Repair Milton Keynes

Boilers are an integral part of our lives. They give us heat, hot water and help to make our houses homes.

So, when one needs a boiler repair Milton Keynes, it’s a serious situation.  And we know that it’s a situation that can’t wait. That’s why 24/7 EPC repair systems all over Milton Keynes. Our team of expertly trained Gas Engineers will supply a precise and calculated repair service.

All you need to do is ring up and let us know what the issue is. We will come out to your location, analyse what the problem is and get it fixed as quickly as we can.

Same Day Boiler Repair Milton Keynes

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Boiler Repair Milton Keynes

Whether your boiler is in need of an emergency boiler repair or just a routine service, we understand how important it is to feel like you’re in great hands.

We don’t believe in hidden costs – at 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Contractors, we only charge fair, honest prices for our services. We want to ensure you receive the best value for your money.

Boiler Repair Milton Keynes

Broken Boiler Milton Keynes?

There are some common issues we come across on a daily basis, that may indicate you need a boiler repair in Milton Keynes. If you think that your boiler is not functioning properly because of one of the below issues, please get in touch.

Providing your home with hot water and keeping yourselves warm is the primary reason for having a boiler. Unfortunately, there could be a lot of reasons for this to happen. Perhaps the pilot light isn’t on, the diaphragm is faulty, a valve has failed, there’s a leak in the central heating system, or even your thermostat isn’t set to an adequate temperature.

Central heating systems are complicated, for a radiator to not warm up there could be a couple problems. Firstly, there could be air in the radiator, which can be released by using a bleed key. If there’s cold spots in the radiator, the system water could be dirty, which could need a powerflush to resolve. Radiator valves also could be a cause, which would need replacing.

Milton Keynes is notorious for having hard water, just look into your kettle and you’ll see the impact this has on your utilities. Kettling is where limescale builds up and causes issues to the boiler system and damage to the heat exchanger. To overcome this, it’s a scale reducer can be installed to remove the build up from the system, as well as a powerflush to clean the system.

Banging noises indicate that something is passing through the system, knocking as it goes along. This could range from debris, sludge and even air. Furthermore, scale build up and low water pressure can create banging and rattling noises.

The pilot light indicates that the boiler has fired up and trying to heat the water being passed through it. Perhaps there’s a broken thermocouple or the gas valve is faulty. Draughts can also blow the flame out if there is a break in the air seal. Lastly, there could be debris that is stopping the pilot light from firing properly and will need to be cleaned.

The majority of the time, if your boiler is losing pressure then it is from a leak in the central heating system. Beyond that, there could be an issue with the pressure relief valve or the expansion vessel.

If your heating system makes use of a condensate pipe that draws water away from the boiler, this can sometimes freeze. If this happens, often a blockage will occur and the boiler will fail.

Seals are the most common reasons for a boiler to have a leak. Over time they can get damaged and degrade, meaning water will eventually leak out – particularly under high pressure.

The boiler will switch itself off to avoid causing further damage and harm to the system, as well as other reasons. Low water pressure,  air in the system, and a blocked condensate pipe can all cause this issue.

Our company has been using 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Contractors for over 18 months, they have always been responsive whether the job is urgent or not, large or small.
Amelia Sidaway
Area Manager